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Inventing the Future – Today

Sustainable Technology Innovations
from Leading KAUST Experts

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) and the Future Investment Initiative (FII) are both committed to advancing scientific research and making knowledge accessible to all.
KAUST, by its very design, is positioned to usher change. We do this by providing an ecosystem of subject experts, innovative technology, world-class facilities and partnerships. We work closely with global leaders, government sectors and industry in Saudi Arabia to build sustainable initiatives aimed to transform the economy and society.
KAUST is aligned to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Research, Innovation and Development sectors and is committed to reaching Vision 2030 goals. The selected projects and startups are showcasing innovative solutions for a sustainable future.

KAUST is advancing the renewable energy sector; working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and providing the development of new energy sources.

Sustainable solutions from KAUST, such as innovative farming products, biodegradable plastic from organic waste, and probiotics for coral reefs, will shape and protect our economic supply chain.  

The economies of the future will encompass artificial intelligence and data science capabilities and solutions, chemical manufacturing optimizations, and new building materials. KAUST is working to redefine these areas with leading experts, research and training.

KAUST is committed to bringing smarter health technologies that will transform the healthcare delivery system of Saudi Arabia. Innovative genetics testing for all, solutions for infectious disease and advanced technology for precision medicine is leading the way in translating research findings into clinical benefits and practices.


Established in 2009, KAUST is a graduate research university devoted to finding solutions for some of the most pressing scientific and technological challenges in the world as well as Saudi Arabia in the areas of food and health, water, energy, environment and the digital domain. KAUST is a curiosity-driven, interdisciplinary problem-solving environment, with state-of-the-art labs, distinguished faculty and talented students.  

KAUST brings together the best minds from around the world to advance research. More than 110 different nationalities live, work and study on campus. KAUST is also a catalyst for innovation, economic development and social prosperity, with research resulting in novel patents and products, enterprising startups, regional and global initiatives, and collaboration with other academic institutions, industries and Saudi agencies.  
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KAUST Featured on National Geographic

In the first-ever documentary production from a university, National Geographic shines the spotlight on KAUST in Chasing Answers, a new four-part series that explores the emergence of KAUST as a hub for groundbreaking scientific research and development in the region and the world.

The series delves into three specific areas – human need, social advancement and environmental sustainability – highlighting important projects with significant impacts for humans and the

Click here to watch KAUST on Nat Geo’s Chasing Answers series.