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Energy and Industrial Leadership

Cryogenic CO2 Capture

Efficiently capturing CO2 emissions and converting for market use
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Project Description


Industrial Carbon Capture

Principal Investigator

William L. Roberts


Exhaust from power plants, refineries and industrial plants adds CO2 to the atmosphere. CO2 emissions account for 76% of greenhouse gases that cause global warming. Current methods of capturing CO2 emissions can be costly and often produce unusable outputs.

Saudi Arabia has set a target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2060. Low-cost capture of CO2 is vital for businesses to balance competing economic and environmental concerns. When captured in a pure form, CO2 can be used in food and beverages.

KAUST has developed techniques for capturing CO2 emissions from industrial sources – at about 50% less cost than other existing techniques. KAUST’s process cools plant exhaust to up to 130°-C to extract frozen CO2 from the rest of the gas that is now clean and free from nitrogen and sulfur. The process is highly energy efficient and results in pure liquid CO2, ready to transport and use.

KAUST will be testing their technology in a new NEOM power plant to demonstrate cryogenic carbon capture at scale. Within two years of opening, the plant is expected to capture 25 tons of CO2 a day.