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Human Genome Diagnostics

Genetics testing and application for precision medicine
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Project Description


Healthcare & Genetics




Genetics insights can help people live healthier lives. Genetic testing can reveal information about an individual’s risk profile for cancer, heart disease and more. Genetic testing in Saudi Arabia can be expensive – often performed internationally, these tests can have complicated logistics and have over an eight-week turnaround.
Billions of SAR are being spent annually on genetic testing in Saudi Arabia, with over 60,000 tests being sent abroad for processing, ceding “ownership” of genetic insights about Saudi genetics to international labs. Building genetic testing and innovation capabilities in Saudi Arabia taps into this growing market and protects vital health data for Saudi Arabia.
KAUST startup NoorDx is building a hub for genetics capabilities for Saudi Arabia. They offer genetic testing services that are inexpensive with low turnaround times. NoorDx offers an end-to-end value chain of services, including clinical diagnostics, research services and education.

NoorDx’s solution has demonstrated success in many different areas including:

  • Building a genomics platform for individual access to genome-informed health and wellness insights
  • Creating precision testing based on the genetics of a regional population
  • Developing robust and rapid pathogen screening